Rovio - Battle Bay Official Trailer

Rovio Entertainment Oy

Production Company

Saku Partamies

Creative Director
Sami Syrjä

Fake team
Mikko Lahti, Felipe Peña-Karvonen, Danesh Kuruppu, Vladislav Kazakov, Ville Vaajakallio


This collaboration project with Rovio and Piñata ended up being one of the coolest animations we have recently finished.

The client came to us with well prepared concepts and a 2D animatic, asking Fake and Piñata to create their new game trailer video. Jaakko Syvänen, the Rovio director of the film, had a clear idea of what he wanted the final piece to be like, with fast action, big explosions and huge rolling waves.

Director's 2 cents

“Battle Bay needed a cinematic take on an already impressive looking in-game world. Rovio's ambitions for the trailer were sky-high and as usual the schedule tighter than Superman's Speedos. The final product had to come out suberb-looking and come out fast. High confidence level and quick communications was mandatory. Combining the talents of Fake and Pinata was a no-brainer as we knew exactly what kind of expertise both companies bring to the table, and letting both studios concentrate their force on their fortes guaranteed an awesome result.” Jaakko Syvänen, Director - Rovio

Producer's dime

Fake was an excellent partner for us by keeping on the ultra tight schedule. Fake's communication was active during the whole project and aim was clear: to reach their best on every given circumstance. This was really fun trailer to make in co-operation with our internal artists and the Fake's pro-team. The marketing objective of the global launch trailer was completed with this high quality "hero creative". Marko Pohjosmäki, Producer - Rovio

Our job was to carry out Jaakko’s vision to the finest detail and overcome the substantial technical challenges that the project presented. All main 3D work from animation to rendering was done with SideFX Houdini, which is currently the best off the shelf package for this type of FX animation. 3D models and character animation were provided by Rovio.

Working together with our talented friends at Rovio and Piñata was a blast, and this project really showcases our ability to create cool and complex animation. Designing shots with fast-paced action over a constantly changing water surface was a great challenge to face, both creatively and technically, and we are very happy with the outcome.” Sami Syrjä, Creative Director - FAKE

Piñata concepted a beautiful color script for the whole film, matte paintings for the backgrounds and some nice animated 2D effects on selected shots. Their straightforward approach to production and high quality work made our part of the job even more fun.

"It was brilliant to combine the talent and resources of both studios for this project! Together it's possible also to work in a new way and tackle bigger productions. Thanks for Jaakko Syvänen from Rovio for gathering the dream team together!" Miia Länsimäki, Producer - Piñata

The production of the trailer was fast paced, taking eight weeks from start to finish. Despite the tight schedule, we couldn't be happier and prouder of the result.

The Battle Bay game trailer has almost 3 million views in Youtube to date and the number keeps growing!

Production Team:

Rovio Director: Jaakko Syvänen
Rovio Producer: Marko Pohjosmäki
Rovio Supervisor: Scott Liedtka
Rovio Creative Team: Sofia Passariello, Antti Rautiola, Pinja Partanen, Jussi Lehto, Manu Järvinen, Maria Palavamäki, Olli Laamanen, Sakari Leppä, Sara Wahl, Antti Bergman, Petri Eronen
Rovio Audio Team: Ilmari Hakkola, Mikko Paju, Henri Vartio

Piñata Producer: Miia Länsimäki
Piñata Team: Tuomas Korpi, Mikko Vormala, Raine Kuusi