Fake: Field Day - Making of

Everywear Games

Juha Aarikka

Creative Director
Sami Syrjä

Sound Design
Petri Alanko

Fake team
Mikko Lahti, Jaakko Stenius, Janne Roivainen, Petteri Laakso, Alina Lazovik


Fake created a launch video for Everywear Games' newest Apple Watch title, "Field Day".

Right from the beginning, we had very good communication with our client. Having worked with us before, they had trust in our ability to create captivating visuals in time and in budget. As a starting point, we received a few game assets and designs, which we then re-created in more detail to withstand the requirements of high-end 3d animation.

In addition to the existing designs, we created from scratch a whole bunch of additional items and characters to fill the world with.

The world itself was created in Houdini as a procedural landscape that we could adjust at will, without having to move every single stone, plant and animal by hand if the features - such as the shapes of hills or the path of the river - required tweaking. And on top of this, the whole world is bent over a cylindrical form, to reflect the game's signature feature.

We are happy with how full and alive the world feels, and how the visuals reflect and build on the style of the in-game graphics.