Fake in ARea16

Fake takes part in ARea16 - the annual Finnish Augmented Reality event.

“ARea16 is the annual Finnish Augmented Reality event, now celebrating its fifth anniversary! The general theme of ARea16 is to witness how Augmented Reality is transforming from the hype of the early days into profitable business and industrial productivity. The event brings you presentations of latest research results in Finland, international keynote by Frost & Sullivan, talks by companies and spin-offs in AR business, alongside a demo and technology expo.”

Fake is participating in this event with an AR application we did together with Patria. The main goal of the Patria AR app was to be able to export a large, armored military vehicle all around the globe - digitally. Rather than ship  the actual vehicle and book a large-scale presentation space, for example from a military fair area, using AR technology provides significant benefits in logistics and cost savings when the massive vehicle can be brought to the site digitally and presented in a much smaller space.

Generally the AR technology has been approached from a very technical direction, but for us it is one medium among others. By focusing on our specialty - creating visually spectacular content - we can communicate in a way that is very familiar to us.

In our opinion this is a very workable technology that can provide an intuitive interface even for those unfamiliar with 3D applications. It is also a very justifiable technology to show narrative digital content with. Like in this Patria app, you can see the full view, or go closer and look at the smallest details. You can even see how the weapons system functions.

Due to the confidentiality agreement with our client, we unfortunately can’t display this Patria app in public. But book a meeting with our producers and you’ll get to test it on the spot at our office!